BSWE4 Introduction To Family Education ( IGNOU Guide Book For BSWE4 ) Hindi Medium (GPH Publication)



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IGNOU: BSWE4-HM Introduction To Family Education-Hindi Medium , This book is a complete guide for exam preparation, based on Ingou Syllabus, This books is for Bachelor of Social Work- BSW Program Chapterwise properly solved questions and answer given for exam preparation. This Ignou help books is handy for the students to clear Ingou yearly session examination. Previous 8 to 10 years Solved Question Paper is given in this book.

BSWE-004 Introduction to Family Life Education in Hindi


Chapter-1 Education on Family

I  Concept of Family Life
II Family Life Education – Concept and Meaning
III Importance of Family Life Education
IV Role of Home, School and Religion in Imparting Family Life Education
V  Development of Personality and Moral Values in Life

Chapter-2  Life Skill Education

I  Basic Concepts in Life Skill Education
II Understanding Man and Woman
III Life Skill Education: Concept and Objectives
IV Life Skill Education: Role of Home, School and Media

Chapter-3 Process of Growing Up

I  Male Reproductive System and Functioning
II Female Reproductive System and Functioning
III Early Stages of Human Growth: Biological, Social, Psychological
and Developmental Aspects
IV Later Stages of Human Growth: Biological, Social, Psychological
and Developmental Aspects
V Youth and their Concerns

Chapter-4 Social Institution of Marriage

I Marriage and Family: Choosing of Life Partner
II Marriage in India
III Society, Culture, Religion and Family Values
IV Marital Life and Role Expectations

Chapter-5 Policies and Programme for Family Welfare

I Indian Family in Transition
II Family Planning Policies
III Family Planning Methods and Spacing between Live Births
IV Medical Termination of Pregnancy and Issues Associated with It

Chapter-6 Major Problems in Marital Life

I   Psycho-Social Effects of Divorce, Separation and Migration
II  Dowry Demands and Dowry Deaths
III Legal Issues Involved in Marriage

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