EPS6 Govt. And Politics In East & South East Asia – Hindi Medium



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 Govt. and Politics in East & South-East Asia
  • Introduction to East Asian Region
  • Introduction to South-Eash Asian Region
  • Indians in South-East Asia
  • Chinese in South-East Asia
  • Chinese Revolution and Ideology
  • Political and Economic Reforms in China
  • Foreign Policy of China
  • Historical Reference: Nationalism and Capitalism
  • Structures and Processes
  • Foreign Policy
  • Development of Modern Korea
  • Nature of Political and Economic Development
  • Foreign Policy
Govenrment and Politics in south-East Asia-I
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Philppines
Government and Politics in South-East Asia-II
  • Government and Politics in Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Burma
South-East Asia: Society and Politics in Indo-China
  • Vietnam
  • Combodia
  • Laos
Issues and Tendencies
  • Method of Economic Development in the South-East Asia
  • Method of Political Development in East and South Asia
  • Racialism and Nation-building
  • Alliance of State and Civil Society in East and South-East Asia
  • Regional Cooperation Special Reference to Association of South-East Asian Nations.