ERD1 or BRDE101 Rural Development: IndianContext ( IGNOU Guide Book For ERD1/BRDE101 ) in Hindi Medium



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IGNOU: ERD-1 or BRDE-101 Rural Development: Indian Context in Hindi Medium, This book is a complete guide for exam preparation, based on Latest IGNOU Syllabus, This books is for BA Other Elective Chapter wise properly solved questions and answer given for exam preparation. This Ignou help books is handy for the students to clear IGNOU yearly session examination. Previous 8 to 10 years Solved Question Paper is given in this book.

Latest May 2019 Edition.Ā 

IGNOU BRDE-101 Rural Development: Indian ContextĀ 

Ā Topics Covered in this Guide/Book

Block No.-1 Rural Society

Unit-1 Social Structure

Unit-2Ā  Rural Economic Structure

Unit-3 Rural Power Structure

Unit-4 Rural-Urban Interactions

Block No.-2 Rural Development

Unit-1 DevelopmentĀ 

Unit-2 Rural Development: Approaches and ProcessĀ 

Unit-3 Rural Social DevelopmentĀ 

Unit-4 Human DevelopmentĀ 

Unit-5 Sustainable Development

Block No.-3 Nature and Process of Development

Unit-1 Concept of Rural Development: Meaning Nature and Scope of Rural DevelopmentĀ 

Unit-2 Pre-Independence Initiatives in Rural DevelopmentĀ 

Unit-3 Extension and Community DevelopmentĀ 

Unit-4 Panchayati Raj, Co-operatives and Green Revolution

Unit-5 Rural Credit, Micro Finance, Self-Help Groups

Block No.-4 State and Rural Development

Unit-1 Role of State in Rural DevelopmentĀ 

Unit-2 Five Year Plans and Rural Development

Unit-3 Rural Development Programmes: A RetrospectĀ 

Unit-4 Rural Development Current ProgrammesĀ 

Unit-5 Rural Development Administration

Block No.-5 VOs and NGOs in Rural Development

Unit-1 Voluntary Efforts and NGOsĀ 

Unit-2 Women and NGOsĀ 

Unit-3 Youth and NGOsĀ 

Unit-4 Education and NGOsĀ 

Unit-5 Environment and NGOs

Block No.-6 Emerging Rural Society

Unit-1 Patterns of Emerging Rural Society

Unit-2 EmpowermentĀ 

Unit-3 Rural Health CareĀ 

Unit-4 Rural EducationĀ 

Unit-5 Rural Infrastructure and PURA

Sample Question Papers – Get FREE LastĀ 8 to 10 yearsĀ solved papers.Ā