FST1 Science & Technology ( IGNOU Guide Book For FST1 ) English Medium (GPH Publication)



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IGNOU: FST-1 Science & Technology- English Medium , This book is a complete guide for exam preparation, based on Ignou Syllabus, This books is for BA Foundation Course Chapterwise properly solved questions and answer given for exam preparation. This Ignou help books is handy for the students to clear Ignou yearly session examination. Previous 8 to 10 years Solved Question Paper is given in this book.

Buy Solved Assignment: FST-1 Foundation Course In Science & Technology

FST-1 Foundation Course In Science & Technology


Block- 1 History of Science
Unit-1 Science as a Human Endeavour
Unit-2 Science in the Ancient World
Unit-3 Iron Age
Unit-4 The Golden age of Science in India

Block- 2 Emergence of Modern Science
Unit-5 Science in the Medieval times
Unit-6 Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution and After
Unit-7 Science in Colonial and Modern India
Unit-8 The Method of Science and the Nature of Scientific Knowledge

Block- 3 Universe and Life : The Beginning
Unit-9 Universe as a System
Unit-10 Exploring the Universe
Unit-11 Solar System
Unit-12 Origin and Evolution of Life
Unit-13 Evolution of Man

Block- 4 Environment and Resources
Unit-14 Ecosystem
Unit-15 Components of Environment
Unit-16 The Changing Environment
Unit-17 Natural Resources
Unit-18 Resource Utilisation, Planning and Management

Block- 5 Agriculture, Nutrition and Health
Unit-19 Food and Agriculture
Unit-20 Scientific Possibilities and Social Realities
Unit-21 Food and Nutrition
Unit-22 Health and Disease

Block- 6 Information, Knowledge, Insight
Unit-23 Mind and Body
Unit-24 Psychological Aspects of Behaviour
Unit-25 Information and Communication
Unit-26 Modes of Communication

Block- 7 Science, Technology And Development
Unit-27 Science and Technology in Industry
Unit-28 Technology and Economic Development
Unit-29 Modern Development in Science and Technology-I
Unit-30 Modern Development in Science and Technology-II

Block- 8 New Perspectives
Unit-31 Perceptions and  Aspirations
Unit-32 Science – The Road to Development


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