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The Art of Teaching Medical Students - 3rd Edition By  Pritha Bhuiyan Avinash Supe Nirmala Rege

The Art of Teaching Medical Students - 3rd Edition By Pritha Bhuiyan Avinash Supe Nirmala Rege


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The Art of Teaching Medical Students - 3rd Edition By Pritha Bhuiyan Avinash Supe Nirmala Rege

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It is for all those medical professionals who are involved in the process of teaching. Although the general principles of teaching remain the same worldwide, this book is tailored to meet the demands of ‘Faculty Development’ in a Medical Institution. This is a text in demand from not only medical teachers, but also from all the faculty of paramedical and allied health courses.

Key Features

• Covers three broad aspects of teaching and learning, viz., (i) Technology in and of education, (ii) Management of education and (iii) Educational research. 
• Beautifully illustrated educational science applies to medical teachers as well as members of heathcare team and also all those who are involved in the art of teaching.
• Authored by experts who have vast experience in medical education at both national and international levels. Their vision, thought process and knowledge get reflected in their writings. 
• A ‘must read’ book for every young faculty making his/her entry in the educational field as a medical teacher before embarking on educational activities.

Table of Contents

SECTION I: Introduction
1. The Role of an Educator in Medical Education 
2. Milieu Exterieur: The Environment in which We Work 
3. Faculty Development: The Need of Tomorrow 
SECTION II: The Process of Learning 
4. Systems Approach to Medical Education 
5. How Students Learn: Principles of Adult Learning 
6. Motivation and Learning 
7. Student–Teacher Relationship 
SECTION III: Educational Objectives 
8. Educational (Learning) Objectives: Guide to Teaching and Learning 
SECTION IV: Teaching–Learning Methods 
9. Teaching–Learning Methods 
10. Early Clinical Exposure 
11. Large Group Teaching: Lecture as a Teaching Tool 
12. Small Group Teaching 
13. Bedside Teaching: Teaching Clinical Skills 
14. Distance Learning in Medical Education 
15. Media in Medical Education 
SECTION V: Developing Skills and Attitude 
16. Group Dynamics 
17. Attitudes, Values and Professionalism 
18. Counselling Skills 
19. Communication Skills 
20. Microteaching 
21. Effective Feedback in Medical Education 
SECTION VI: Student Assessment 
22. Assessment –  Principles and Tools 
23. Mechanics of Paper Setting: Being a Paper Setter 
24. Multiple Choice Questions: Formulation and Types 
25. MCQ: Item Analysis and Banking 
26. Oral Assessment (Viva Vocé) 
27. Objective Structured Clinical and Practical Examinations 
28. Workplace-Based Assessment 
SECTION VII: Curriculum Design and Evaluation 
29. Curriculum Planning 
30. Integrated Teaching 
31. Problem-Based Learning 
32. Community-Oriented Medical Education 
33. Tailoring Your Curriculum to the Local Context: Linking Medical Education With Healthcare Delivery 
SECTION VIII: Management and Research in Medical Education 
34. Role of Management in Medical Education 
35. Educational Research 
36. Scholarship in Medical Education 
37. Outcome-Based Management in Clinical Practice and Its Impact on Medical Education 
38. Quality Assurance in Medical Education: The Need of the Hour 
SECTION IX: Medical Humanities 
39. Introducing Medical Humanities in South Asian Medical Schools

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