Ignou BAG Psychology Solved Assignments 2023-24: Under this category, you get the expert solved assignments for all Psychology-related subjects- BPCC, BPCE, BPCS, BPCG, etc. All are the latest Assignments applicable for July 2023 & January 2024.


Ignou BAG Psychology Solved Assignments
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Showing all 17 results

BAG Psychology Assignment (Solved) 2023-24: Assignment solutions that are prepared by experts that are going to help you score 80-90% marks in the Tutor Marks Assignment work.

Find here all Psychology Solved Assignments for BA General applicants.

Subject List -Ignou BAG Psychology Assignments (Solved)

Ignou BAG Psychology Electives are divided into 4 sections- 1. Core Course (CC), 2. Discipline Specific Elective (DSE), 3. Generic Elective (GE), 4. Skill Enhancement Course (SEC).

The below table suggests the subject code & title in both English & Hindi medium. Click on the relevant subject & place an order to download Ignou Psychology Solved Assignments 2023-24 in pdf format instantly.

BAG Psychology English Medium BAG Psychology Hindi Medium
Core Course (CC) Core Course (CC)
BPCC-131 Foundations of Psychology BPCC-131 मनोविज्ञान का आधार
BPCC-132 Introduction to Social Psychology BPCC-132 सामाजिक मनोविज्ञान: एक परिचय
BPCC-133 Psychological Disorders BPCC-133 मनोवैज्ञानिक विकार
BPCC-134 Statistical Methods and Psychological Research BPCC-134 सांख्यिकी विधियाँ और मनोवैज्ञानिक शोध
Discipline Specific Electives (DSE) Discipline Specific Electives (DSE)
BPCE 145 Counseling Psychology BPCE-145 परामर्श मनोविज्ञान
BPCE 146 Industrial/ Organisational Psychology BPCE-146 औद्योगिक एवं संगठनात्मक मनोविज्ञान
Generic Electives (GE) Generic Electives (GE)
BPCG 171 General Psychology BPCG-171 सामान्य मनोविज्ञान
BPCG 172 Youth, Gender and Identity BPCG-172 युवा, जेंडर एवं पहचान
BPCG 173 Psychology for Health and Well Being BPCG-173 स्वास्थ्य और कल्याण के लिए मनोविज्ञान
BPCG 174 Psychology and Media BPCG-174 मनोविज्ञान और मीडिया
BPCG 175 Psychology for Living BPCG-175 जीवन यापन के लिए मनोविज्ञान
BPCG 176 Psychology of Gender BPCG-176 लिंग मनोविज्ञान
Skill Enhancement Course (SEC) Skill Enhancement Course (SEC)
BPCS 183 Emotional Intelligence BPCS-183 सांवेगिक बुद्धि
BPCS 184 School Psychology BPCS-184 विद्यालय मनोविज्ञान
BPCS 185 Developing Emotional Competence BPCS-185 सांवेगिक सक्षमता का विकास
BPCS 186 Managing Stress BPCS-186 तनाव प्रबंधन
BPCS 187 Managing Human Resources BPCS-187 मानव संसाधनों का प्रबंधन
BPCS 188 Application of Social Psychology BPCS-188 सामाजिक मनोविज्ञान का अनुप्रयोग

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