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Find here real, authentic IGNOU Solved Assignments for all courses– Download IGNOU Solved Assignment 2023-24, After placing an order through this website, a simple download link becomes available in PDF for Solved Assignment of IgnouSolved Assignment of Ignou.

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Download Ignou Solved Assignments 2022-2023 PDF (Hindi Medium English Medium)

Are you looking for the Ignou handwritten assignments for GOOD Marks or the Solved Assignment of Ignou in Soft Copy (PDF Format) for Download? If so, here you can find real, authentic IGNOU Solved Assignments for all courses.

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Download IGNOU Solved Assignment 2022-23 After placing an order through this website. A simple download link for each Solved Assignment of Ignou becomes available immediately. Ignou Handwritten Assignments are available on demand, please text us on our WhatsApp helpline- 97116 95146.

Ignou MA Solved Assignment 2022-2023 (Master of Arts)-2023-24

Ignou offers a variety of MA Specialization courses, for example- Hindi, English, History, Sociology, Economics, Public Admin, Politics, etc. If you are pursuing MA Honours Course from IGNOU, below is the list of Solved Assignments of Ignou MA Honours Courses-

Solved Assignment for Ignou Master Degree & PGD Courses 2023-24

if you are pursuing a master’s degree course other than MA, here is the list of Solved Assignment of Ignou for other PG Diploma or Master’s Degree programs.

Download Ignou Solved Assignment 2023-24 for CBCS Programme

Under this category, you have Bachelor’s Degree programs like BA General, BA Honours, B.Com General & B.Sc. General Solved Assignment of Ignou.

Follow the related category link to Download Ignou Solved Assignment 2023-24.

Ignou BAG Solved Assignments 2023-24 for BAG Program

  1. Anthropology (BANC-BANE)
  2. Economics (BECC-BECE-BECS)
  3. History (BHIC-BHIE)
  4. Political Science (BPSC-BPSE)
  5. Psychology (BPCC-BPCE-BPCS-BPCG)
  6. Public Admin (BPAC-BPAE-BPAS-BPAG)
  7. Sociology (BSOC-BSOE-BSOS-BSOG)
  10. Mathematics (BMTC-BMTE)
  11. Gender Development (BGDG)

Ignou BA Honours Assignment Solution for BA Hons. Courses 2023-24

Ignou offers multiple specializations under the BA Honours program. Follow the below list for the Solved Assignment of Ignou under the Honours Program.

  1. BAHDH- BA Hindi Hons. Assignment
  2. BAEGH- BA English Hons. Assignment
  3. BAPAH- BA Public Hons. Administration
  4. BAHIH- BA History Hons. Assignment
  5. BAPSH- BA Political Science Hons.
  6. BASOH- BA Sociology Assignment
  7. BAPCH- BA Psychology Assignment

Ignou BCOMG Solved Assignments- 2023-24

Ignou Solved Assignments for BSc. General & BSc. Honors– 2023-24

  1. B.Sc. Anthropology Hons. (BSCANH)
  2. Physics Discipline (BPH)
  3. Chemistry Discipline (BCH)
  4. Mathematics Discipline (BMT)
  5. Botany Discipline (BBY)
  6. Geology Discipline (BGY)
  7. Geography Discipline (BGG)
  8. Zoology Discipline (BZY)

Ignou Solved Assignments for Diploma & Bachelor Degree Programs 2023-24

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To Whom is this Applicable?

These Ignou Solved Assignments PDF Listed here are applicable for you if you are to appear in June 2024 Term End Exams or December 2024 Term End Exams.

All Ignou Assignment Solutions 2023-24 available here, is the latest. And when we say 2023-24 session, it means July 2023 Admission and January 2024 Admission cycle.

Don’t be confused about your session, Find below the Ignou Assignment Submission dates for you.

Latest Ignou Assignment Submission Dates:

Session 2023-24

For July 2023 BatchSubmit Before 31st March 2024(Ignou Assignment Submission Date Further Extended to 30th June 2022)For January 2024 BatchSubmit Before 30th September 2024 (These students will appear for December’ 2024 Exam)

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How to Write Ignou Assignments for Good Marks? Tips for Ignou Students

Please keep the following in mind before beginning to write your Ignou Solved Assignments:

  • Remember “First Impression is the Last Impression” . Present it well.
  • Use A4 Size paper Do not use Plastic Cover Page. Keep it simple. Click this link to Learn more.
  • Must prepare a proper Ignou Assignment Front Page for each assignment.
  • Beautifully Write all of your answers in your own handwriting.
  • Highlight the key points, heading & quotes in your assignment.
  • Ignou Assignment will be weighted at 30%, so give it your all and present well.
  • To avoid rushing, try to submit Ignou Tutor Marks Assignment Work before the deadline.
  • After submitting handwritten Ignou assignments to your study center, you must collect the submission receipts.

Watch this video to know more about How to Fill IGNOU Assignment front page (cover page)

FAQ Related to Ignou TMA

Q. How can I get Free Ignou Solved Assignment?

Ans. There are several Free Assignment Solution available however you should note that free thing has no quality. And you should not compromise with quality which may decrease your marks percentage.

Q. How much time does it takes to download the Solved Assignment of Ignou after the order?

Ans. It is automatic, once you place the order and it is successful, you will see the download link for the related Assignment Answer in PDF.

Q. Where to Submit my Ignou TMA work?

Ans. You need to submit Assignments to the Ignou Study Center which is allotted to you while admission.

Q. How to get Maximum Marks out of Ignou Assignment 2022-2023 work?

Ans. Make sure you write the best assignment solution before submitting. Always take quality assignment answers from authentic sources. Use quality stationery, and make sure it is written in the best handwriting.

Q. What if I do not get my Ignou Solutions after placing order?

Ans. We have WhatsApp helpline number- 97116 95146 where you Contact us and share your issue. We will sort out and provide you with Assignments.

Q. What is the difference between Free Ignou Assignments and Paid Assignments?

Ans. Ignou Free Assignments are made by bloggers (for traffic) using the internet. They just need traffic and have no concern with your marks. You can also make free assignments with the help of study material.

Q. Where to get Ignou solved assignment?

Ans. www.findyourbooks.in is the online store to download Ignou assignment solutions.

Q. Where can I get Ignou Solved Assignment Free?

Ans. Some bloggers may offer free Assignment PDFs, however, those are not authentic, you should avoid them because you need a proper assignment solution as per Ignou’s instructions to get Good Marks from Assignment work.

Q. What if I get the Wrong or Old IGNOU Solved Assignments?

Ans. If in case you get the wrong assignment/ other than what you have ordered, you can get it replaced by messaging on WhatsApp support number.

Q. How get Ignou Assignment question papers?

Ans. You can download assignment papers from Official Ignou Website Link.