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How to Get Best NIOS Study Material?

Dear NIOS Students,

If you are confused regarding study material for Secondary   & Sr. Secondary Courses and have many such types questions like

  • From where get NIOS books or guides?
  • When will NIOS books arrive?
  • Where can I buy NIOS Guides-books?  Etc.

Here you will get online Best solution for All Questions regarding NIOS Study Material "Where & How to Get Best NIOS Study Material" which helps students to get high score in exams results.

As NIOS also provides Text books for students but the NIOS textbooks for are not much sufficient for preparing for the NIOS board exams, especially in short term preparation because Text don't have proper chapter or topic wise solution, missing headings & important points, which help students to keep in mind in short term, we would suggest you to refer books to choose publication books, in which you will get proper chapter wise  solution with headings and subheadings with previous years solved questions which are very helpful to guess & prepare for NIOS exams.  Let know more about NIOS & how to get best NIOS Study material online? to score a decent score in upcoming 10th or 12th Exams.

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About NIOS

NIOS- National Institute of Open Schooling is an open board run under the HRD Ministry of India, Lacs of the students appear for NIOS exam every year and they struggle for the books.

Here we will let you know all about NIOS and how to Buy NIOS Books or guides.

NIOS is the India’s only Government approved Open Board which is accepted worldwide and know for quality education system through distance mode.

Secondary and Senior Secondary qualification can be taken through distance mode through NIOS which is the India’s largest Open Board.

Headquarter of the board is in Noida Uttar Pradesh and people from their control across the country through its regional centers.

Regional Centers are available in every state who take care of the Authorized Schools/ study centers and examination in their region.

Admission/Exam Session of NIOS

NIOS conduct Secondary (Class 10th) and Senior Secondary (Class 12th) level of exams twice a year, many lacs of student take admission for Class 10th and Class 12th  Examination.

NIOS conducts exams twice in a year First in April Session and Second in October Session and apart from NIOS offers  

On Demand exam option:  On Demand exam facility is available with NIOS in the following months every year Jan-Feb-May-June-July-August-November-December.

Study Material of NIOS

NIOS has its own pattern and text books, since this is the largest open board of the country NIOS provide course text book to each student by post to their home.  

However, NIOS has the shortage of the study material most of the time and student struggle for the books a lot. With this article, my intention is to make your aware about the other available options for NIOS Books and How to buy NIOS Books or Guides.  

How to Buy NIOS Books or Guides?

There are two types of the study materials available for NIOS students.  

1. NIOS Syllabus Text Book

2. NIOS Guides based on the Syllabus.  

How to Get the Syllabus Book?

NIOS claims to provide the simple course content books itself to each student however the fact is many students do not receive the books due to shortage. NIOS Course books is not published by any other private publisher therefore these books are not available in the market.

If you do not receive the study material from NIOS you may approach to your study center selected at the time of admission. Sometime books are sent to Study centers and student need to collect the books from their study center.

Now come to second point How to Buy NIOS Guides?

NIOS Guides are published by mainly two or three publications who are private publishers.

The key player is the Neeraj Publications & Top’s Publications who publish the guides for NIOS student which is completely based on NIOS syllabus. Neeraj Books are in more demand compare to other publishers.

NIOS Guides are prepared for Exam preparation in easy way it has Question and Answers based of NIOS syllabus. Sample paper set is also available in these guides. These guides are available to buy Online and it is shipped through Post, Major online platforms for NIOS Guides are Trendmagnet And FindYourBooks.in Order process is very simple and easy.

Online Order Process

Just go to the website>

Search for Your Subject Code>

Click “Add to Cart” button>

Go to Cart and “Proceed to Checkout” >

Fill the required Details like Name, Email ID, Mobile, Delivery address>

Now Select the Mode of Payment>  

Once you make the payment this will lead to final banking page and your order is PLACED. Your part is done now, the team will do the rest of the job.  

You may order the same on Whatsapp as well- Simply send the subject, Email ID & Address through whatsapp on “99106 71200” Hope this will be helpful you student Wish You All The Best for Your Exams.

  • Jul 21, 2017
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