BAG Solved Assignments (New Course)

All the latest Ignou BAG Solved Assignment 2021-22 are available here. These Ignou BA General Assignments are applicable for June 2022 & December 2022 Term-end exams.
Last Date to submit:
31-Mar-2022 : for July 2021 Admissions
30-Sep-2022 : for January 2022 Admission

BAG Solved Assignments (New Course)
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Ignou BAG Solved Assignments 2021-22 for all Disciplines

Ignou BAG program is a combination of different disciplines under a choice-based credit system (CBCS).

If you are a student of B.A. General (BAG) Program, here are the Ignou BAG Solved Assignments 2021-22 for you. This is to help you make the best Assignment for BAG course to secure maximum marks.

BAG Solved Assignments are available here from all the Disciplines applicable to BAG course like-

  1. Anthropology (BANC-BANE)
  2. Economics (BECC-BECE-BECS)
  3. History (BHIC-BHIE)
  4. Political Science (BPSC-BPSE)
  5. Psychology (BPCC-BPCE-BPCS-BPCG)
  6. Public Admin (BPAC-BPAE-BPAS-BPAG)
  7. Sociology (BSOC-BSOE-BSOS-BSOG)
  10. Mathematics (BMTC-BMTE)
  11. Gender Development (BGDG)