Ignou BAG Sociology Solved Assignments 2023-24: Under this category, you get the expert solved assignments for all Sociology-related subjects- BSOC, BSOE, BSOS, BSOG, etc. All are the latest Assignments applicable for July 2023 & January 2024.

Ignou BAG Sociology Solved Assignments
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Showing all 32 results

BAG Sociology Assignment (Solved) 2023-24: Assignment solutions that are prepared by experts that are going to help you score 80-90% marks in the Tutor Marks Assignment work.

Find here all Sociology Solved Assignments for BA General applicants.

Subject List -Ignou BAG Sociology Assignments (Solved)

Ignou BAG Sociology Administration Electives are divided into 4 sections- 1. Core Course (CC), 2. Discipline Specific Elective (DSE), 3. Generic Elective (GE), 4. Skill Enhancement Course (SEC).

The below table suggests the subject code & title in both English & Hindi medium. Click on the relevant subject & place an order to download Ignou Sociology Solved Assignments 2023-24 in pdf format instantly.

CC- Ignou BSOC Solved Assignment English

CC- Ignou BSOC Solved Assignment Hindi

BSOC-131 Introduction to Sociology BSOC-131 समाजशास्त्र का परिचय
BSOC-132 Sociology of India BSOC-132 भारतीय समाजशास्त्र
BSOC-133 Sociological Theories BSOC-133 समाजशास्त्रीय सिद्धान्त
BSOC-134 Methods for sociological Enquiry BSOC-134 समाजशास्त्रीय जांच के तरीके

DSE- Ignou BSOE Solved Assignment English

DSE- Ignou BSOE Solved Assignment Hindi

BSOE-141 Urban Sociology BSOE-141 नगरीय समाजशास्त्र
BSOE-142 Indian Sociological Traditions BSOE-142 भारतीय समाजशास्त्रीय परंपराएँ
BSOE-143 Environmental Sociology BSOE-143 पर्यावरण समाजशास्त्र
BSOE-144 Reading Ethnographies BSOE-144 नृवंशविज्ञान अध्ययन
BSOE-145 Religion And Society BSOE-145 धर्म और समाज
BSOE-146 Marriage, Family and Kinship BSOE-146 विवाह, परिवार एवं नातेदारी
BSOE-148 Social Startification BSOE-148 सामाजिक स्तरीकरण

GE- Ignou BSOG Solved Assignment English

GE-Ignou BSOG Solved Assignment Hindi

BSOG-171 Indian Society: Images and Realities BSOG-171 भारतीय समाज: छवियाँ एवं वास्तविकताएँ
BSOG-173 Rethinking Development BSOG-173 विकास पुनर्विचार
BSOG-176 Economy and Society BSOG-176 अर्थव्यवस्था एवं समाज

SEC-Ignou BSOS Solved Assignment English

SEC-Ignou BSOS Solved Assignment Hindi

BSOS-184 Techniques of Ethnographic Film Making BSOS-184 नृजातीय फिल्म निर्माण की तकनीक
BSOS-185 Society through the Visual BSOS-185 दृश्य के माध्यम से समाज

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