IGNOU BLIS Guide Book Hindi Medium (Containing All Compulsory Papers BLI-221 to 229)



Ignou BLIS Guide Book Hindi Medium Includes 9 Compulsory Subjects applicable to clear Bachelor of Library and Information Science Degree | Order for Home Delivery | Recommended Best for Exam Preparation by Ignou Learners

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IGNOU BLIS Guide Book Hindi Medium (BLI-221 to 229)

This Ignou BLIS Guide Book Hindi Medium Includes 9 Compulsory Subjects applicable to clear Bachelor of Library and Information Science Degree from IGNOU. if you are Ignou BLIS student, this BLIS Book meant for you. This will help you prepare for the exam with ease.

Edition: 2023-24

Order this Latest Edition of IGNOU BLIS Guide Book Hindi Medium for BLIS-Bachelor of Library and Information Science Students to get high score in exams 2023-24

This Ignou BLIS Guide Book Hindi Medium covers following topics from all 9 Subjects (BLI-221, 222, 223, 224, 225, BLIE-226, 227, 228, 229): 

BLI-221 Guide Book Hindi Medium (Library, Information and Society)   

  1. Block-1 Library and Information in Social Perspective
  2. Block-2 Library and Information related Legislation
  3. Block-3 Resource Sharing and Library Networks
  4. Block-4 Library and Information Profession and Related Agencies

BLI-222 Guide Book Hindi Medium (Information Sources and Services)

  1. Block-1 Documentary Sources
  2. Block-2  Non-Documentary Sources
  3. Block-3 Information Services
  4. Block-4 Information Use and User Studies

BLI-223 Guide Book Hindi Medium (Organising and Managing Information)

  1. Block-1 Library Classification
  2. Block-2 Library Cataloguing
  3. Block-3 Indexing
  4. Block-4 Recent Developments

BLI-224 Guide Book Hindi Medium (ICT Fundamentals)

  1. Block-1 Basics of ICT
  2. Block-2 Middleware Technologies
  3. Block-3 Network Fundamentals
  4. Block-4 Internet Tools and Services

BLI-225 Guide Book Hindi Medium (Communication Skills)   

  1. Block-1 Communication Fundamentals
  2. Block-2 Preparing for Job Interview
  3. Block-3 Workplace Skills
  4. Block-4 The Writing Skill
  5. Block-5 Advanced Writing Skills

BLIE-226 Guide Book Hindi Medium (Management of Library and Information Centre)

  1. Block-1 Principles and Practices of Management
  2. Block-2  Library Functions and Operations
  3. Block-3 Financial Management
  4. Block-4 Human Resource Management

BLIE-227 Guide Book Hindi Medium (Document Processing- PRactice)

  1. Block-1 Classification-DDC : 19th Edition
  2. Block-2 Cataloguing – AACR 11 and MARC 21
  3. Block-3 Indexing – Seasrs List of Subject Heading

BLIE-228 Guide Book Hindi Medium (Information Products and Services)

  1. Block-1 Conventional Products and Services
  2. Block-2 Special Products and Services
  3. Block-3 Document Delivery Service
  4. Block-4 Web Products and Services

BLIE-229 Guide Book Hindi Medium (ICT in Libraries)

  1. Block-1 Library Automation
  2. Block-2 Digitisation and Digital Libraries–DSpace and GSDL

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