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Ignou MEG Assignments (Solved): Students who are pursuing MA English from IGNOU can download all course Assignment Solutions from here. Get authentic quality Ignou MEG Solved Assignments 2023-24 (Instant Download in PDF format).

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List of IGNOU MEG Assignment Solutions for MA English Honours

Master of Arts in English Course from IGNOU consists of 19 subjects in total. This is a two years master’s degree program.

University updates IGNOU MEG Assignments every year hence you need to choose the relevant Ignou MEG Assignment Solution for your session.

Here is the list of subjects available to download under this category-

M.A. English (New Syllabus Starting From 2022 Exam)

1st YEAR (Compulsory Course) MEG-5 Literary Criticism & Theory
2nd YEAR (Compulsory Course) MEG-4 Aspects of Language

MEG-15 Comparative Literature: Theory and Practice

Optional Course Module 1: British Literature MEG-1 British Poetry

MEG-2 British Drama

MEG-3 British Novel

Module 2: New Literature in English (Optional/ Choose any 3) MEG-8 New Literature in English

MEG-9 Australian Literature

MEG-12 Canadian Literature

MEG-19 Australian Literature

Module 3: Writings from the Margins MEG-13 Writing from the Margins

MEG-14 Contemporary Indian Literature in Eng. Translation

MEG-16 Indian Folk Literature 

Module 4: Writings from India MEG-7 Indian English Literature

M.E.G.-10 English Studies in India

MEG-14 Contemporary Indian Literature in Eng. Translation

Module 5: American Literature MEG-6 American Literature

MEG-11 American Novel

MEG-17 American Drama-I

MEG-18 American Poetry

Module 6: The Novel MEG-3 British Novel

MEG-11 American Novel

MEG-19 Australian Novel

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