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List of IGNOU MPA Assignments Solved for MA Public Administration Honours Students

The “Master of Arts in Public Administration” from IGNOU consists of 10 subjects in total. This is a two years master’s degree program.

University updates IGNOU MPA Assignments every year hence you need to choose the relevant Ignou MPA Assignment Solution for your session.

Here is the list of subjects available to download under this category- (Click on the subject Code & Title to check all the Latest MPA Solved Assignments 2023-24)-

Subject List for Ignou MPA Solved Assignments 2023-24
1st Yr. English Medium 1st Yr. Hindi Medium
MPA-11 State, Society & Public Administration MPA 11 राज्य समाज और लोक प्रशासन
MPA-12 Administrative Theory MPA 12 प्रशासनिक सिद्धान्त
MPA-13 Public Systems Management MPA 13 लोक व्यवस्था प्रबंधन
MPA-14 Human Resource Management MPA 14 मानव संसाधन प्रबंधन
2nd Yr. English Medium 2nd Yr. Hindi Medium
MPA-15 Public Policy & Analysis MPA 15 लोक नीति और विश्लेषण
MPA-16 Decentralization and Local Governance MPA 16 विकेन्द्रीकरण और स्थानीय शासन
MPA-17 E-Governance MPA 17 एलेक्ट्रोनिक शासन
MPA-18 Disaster Management MPA 18 आपदा प्रबंधन
MSO-002 Research Methodologies & Methods MSO 002 शोध प्रद्धतियाँ एवं विधियाँ
MPS-3 India: Democracy & Development MPS 3 भारत: लोकतन्त्र और विकास