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Ignou MAGPS Solved Assignments 2023-24: Download the Latest & Authentic Ignou MGPS Solved Assignments in PDF format from here |These Assignment Solutions are applicable for “MA in Gandhi & Peace Studies (MGPS)” | Available Medium- Hindi & English | Applicable for June & December 2024 Exam.


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MGPS Solved Assignments 2023-24– If you are an Ignou learner, & you have opted for MA in Gandhi & Peace Studies you will certainly need the “Ignou MGPS Solved Assignments. Here we have prepared the MAGPS Assignment solutions for the first & second years.

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Ignou MAGPS Syllabus/ List of Subjects

From the below table, you can simply click on the relevant subject and place the order to MAGPS Download Solved Assignment PDF for that particular subject.

IGNOU MAGPS Solved Assignments First Year Subject List
MGP 1 – Gandhi: The Man and His Times
MGP 2 – Philosophy of Gandhi
MGP 3 – Gandhi’s Social Thought
MGP 4 – Gandhi’s Political Thought
MGPE 6 – Gandhi’s Economic Thought
MGPE 7 – Non-violent Movements after Gandhi
MGPE 9 – Gandhi in the 21st Century
MGPE 14 – Gandhi, Ecology and Sustainable Development
IGNOU MAGPS Solved Assignments Second-Year Subject List
MGP 5 – Introduction to Peace and Conflict Resolution
MGPE 8 – Gandhi Approach to Peace and Conflict Resolutions
MGPE 10 – Conflict Management, Transformation & Peace Building
MGPE 11 – Human Security
MGPE 12 – Women and Peace
MGPE 13 – Civil Society, Political Regimes & Conflict
MGPE 15 – Introduction to Research Methods
MGPE 16 – Human Rights: Indian Perspective
MGPE 17 – Project Work (There will be no theory exam for this subject and No need to submit the assignment for this)

When Should I Submit these “Ignou MAGPS Assignments”?

Session 2023-24 means July-2023 & January-2024 admission cycle. Above mentioned Ignou MAGPS Solved Assignments are meant for two sessions (July-2023 & January-2024)

In more simple words- 

  • If you want to appear in June-2024 Term-end Exam – Must submit Ignou MGPS Assignments before 30th April 2024
  • If you want to appear in December-2024 Term-end Exam- Must submit Ignou MGPS Assignments before 31st October 2024

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