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Ignou MA Solved Assignments for MA Honours Students: 2023-24

If you are an Ignou student doing MA Honours courses here we have given Ignou MA Solved Assignments PDF to download. Master of Arts Courses are two years program and all students have to submit Tutor Marks Assignments for all subjects.

Get here a reliable Ignou MA Assignments Solution that will help you score well, 30% marks from Ignou MA Assignments will be added to your final grade cards.

Below are the lists of specializations/Honours under Master of Arts Programs.  All Ignou MA Solved Assignments are in PDF format. Physical delivery is not available.

List of Ignou MA Solved Assignment Categories:

MEG – Ignou MA Solved Assignments for English Honours

Master of Arts in English Course includes the following Subject Codes. Go to the Category page to Download all Ignou MA Assignments for MEG Subjects.

MEG-1, MEG-2, MEG-3, MEG-4, MEG-5, MEG-6, MEG-7, MEG-8, MEG-9, MEG-10, MEG-11, MEG-12, MEG-13, MEG-14, MEG-15, MEG-16, MEG-17, MEG-18, MEG-19

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MHD – MA Hindi Solved Assignment

Ignou MA Hindi Course consists of the below given subjects. All MHD Solved Assignments for these subject available in this Category.

प्रथम वर्ष (अनिवार्य पाठ्यक्रम)

MHD-2, MHD 3, MHD 4, MHD 6

✰✰ द्वीतीय वर्ष (अनिवार्य पाठ्यक्रम)

MHD 1, MHD 5, MHD 7

नीचे दिये गए माडयूल मे से कोई एक सिलैक्ट कर सकते हैं


MHD 9, MHD 10, MHD 11, MHD 12


MHD 13, MHD 14, MHD 15, MHD 16


MHD 17, MHD 18, MHD 19, MHD 20


MHD 21, MHD 22, MHD 23, MHD 24

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MHI – MA History Solved Assignment

Under the Ignou Master of Arts in History (MHI) course, you will get Assignments in English Medium as well as Hindi Medium.

1st YEAR

MHI 1, MHI 2, MHI 4, MHI 5

✰✰ 2nd YEAR

MHI 3, MHI 6, MHI 8, MPSE 3, MPSE 4, MHI 9, MHI 10

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IGNOU MA Solved Assignment for History Honours

MSO – MA Sociology Solved Assignment

Master of Arts Sociology Category includes the following assignments in Hindi Medium as well as English Medium.

1st YEAR Subjects

MSO-001, MSO-002, MSO-003, MSO-004

2nd YEAR Subjects

MSOE-001, MSOE-002, MSOE-003, MSOE-004, MPA-16, MPS-3

Click here to find Ignou MSO Solved Assignments.

MPA – MA Public Admin. Solved Assignment

Public Administration Honours are also available under Ignou MA Solved Assignments. All subject codes under MPA are available in Hindi & English Medium. You will find the following subjects under this category.

1st YEAR Subjects

MPA-11, MPA-12, MPA-13, MPA-14

✰✰ 2nd YEAR Subjects

MPA-15, MPA-16, MPA-17, MPA-18, MSO-002, MPS-3

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MPS – MA Pol. Sci. Solved Assignment

Master of Arts in Political Science honors students can download all the subject assignments as listed in the below table. These are also applicable to the Master of Arts in Gandhi and Peace Studies.

MA Pol. Science 1st YEAR Subjects

MPS–1, MPS–2, MPS–3, MPS-4

✰✰ MA Pol Science 2nd YEAR Subjects

MPSE–1, MPSE–2, MPSE–3, MPSE–4, MPSE–5, MPSE–6, MPSE–7, MPSE–8, MPSE–9, MPSE-11, MPSE – 12, MPSE–13, MED-2, MED-8, MGPE-4, MGPE-7, MGPE-8, MGPE-9, MGPE-10, MGPE-11, MGPE-13

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MEC – MA Economics Solved Assignment

Ignou Master of Arts in Economics Honours students can find all MEC Assignments Solutions under this category. The subject List is below-


MEC-101, MEC-002, MEC-3/103, MEC-004, MEC-105

✰✰ MEC- 2nd YEAR

MEC-6/106, MEC-007, MEC-108, MEC-109/MEC-009, MECE-001, MECE-003, MECE-004

Click this link for Ignou MA Economics Assignments Category

MPC & MPCE – MA Psychology Solved Assignment

Ignou Master of Arts in Psychology students can download MEC Assignments in PDF from this category. Get the subject list under this category from the below table-

M.A. Psychology (1st Year Subjects)

MPC-1, MPC-2, MPC-3, MPC-4, MPC-5, MPC-6

✰✰ M.A. Psychology (2nd Year Subjects)

MECE-11, 12, 13, 14 |  MECE-21, 22, 23, 24  |  MECE-31, 32, 33, 34

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MES – MA Education Solved Assignment

Under Ignou Master of Arts in Education, you will find the following subjects to download in PDF.

MA Education 1st Year Subject Code

MES-011, 012, 013, 014, 015, 016

MES-41, 42, 43

MES-101, 102, 103, MES-114

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MARD: Ignou MA in Rural Development

Master of Arts in Rural Development Course is a two years master’s degree. Assignments for MARD are available in English Medium and Hindi Medium for the following subjects-

Ignou MARD 1st Year Subjects

MRD-101, MRD-102, MRD-103, MRD-004

Ignou MARD 2nd Year Subjects

RDD-6, RDD-7, MRDE-101, MRDE-002, MRDE-003, MRDE-004

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